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Prospective Students

USC offers both undergraduate and graduate-level degrees for students interested in pursuing a career in the  paleosciences. Students at USC have access to diverse expertise and cutting-edge tools to investigate exciting and challenging paleobiological questions. Our primary graduate degree programs include a PhD in Earth Sciences 

(Department of Earth Sciences), Integrative Anatomical Sciences (Department of IAS), and Integrative & Evolutionary Biology (Department of Biological Sciences). Students submitting graduate school applications are strongly encouraged to contact potential advisors in one of these programs before applying. 

Related Undergraduate Programs

USC Undergraduate Paleoscience Courses can be found in the following catalogs:

Anthropology Course Catalog

Geology Course Catalog

Biology Course Catalog

Current Graduate Students

Nicole Adams

James Askew

Elizabeth Beachem

Nathan Carroll

Alison Cribb

Kiersten Formoso

Amanda Godbold

Justin Hall

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Claire Johnson

Reena Joubert

Ekaterina Larina

Hyejung Lee

Taleen Mahseredjian

Arlene Ou

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Olivia Piazza

Mark Peaple

Scott Perl

Cecily Pulver

Emily Tibbett

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Stephanie Tsai

Hank Woolley

Yun-Hsin “Becky” Wu

Koray Yilmaz

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USC Paleosciences Graduate Alumni 

Charles E. Savrda,1986

Mary L. Droser,1987

Reese Barrick,1993

Sherri Gust, 1994

Kate Whidden,1994

Gerald Scott Bales, 1995

Kathleen Campbell,1995

Carol M.Tang,1996

Adam Woods,1998

James W. Hagadorn, 1998

Stephen A. Schellenberg, 2000

Stephen Q. Dornbos, 2003

Sara B. Pruss, 2004

Margaret L. Fraiser, 2005

Nicole Bonuso, 2005

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Matthew Clapham, 2006

Pedro Marenco, 2007

Katherine Marenco, 2008

Jingmai O’Connor, 2009

Sarah Greene, 2011

Scott Mata, 2012

Rowan Martindale, 2012

Kathleen Ritterbush, 2013

Alyssa Bell, 2013

Lydia Tackett, 2014

Carlie Pietsch, 2015

Elizabeth Petsios, 2016

Jeffrey Thompson, 2018

Dylan Wilmeth, 2018

Nicholas Schultz, 2019

Mong Sin "Christine" Wu, 2019

Joyce Yager, 2019

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